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What is Behavior and Play

Behavior and Play (BAP) provides behavior support services to families and professionals working with children experiencing a difficult time relating to the world around them. These difficulties may look like:

  • Big emotions and reactions
  • Difficulty understanding expectations and being a part of a group
  • Challenging time communicating needs
  • Parent-child relationship
  • Limited play skills
  • Social awareness and safety skills

Any of these struggles sound familiar? You are not alone! Approximately one in five households care for a family member with special needs. Everyone’s situation is different, that is why BAP tailors programs to your specific needs and circumstance. We aim to help families form a better connection with their child, regain control of their situation, and learn tools and strategies to feel confident in handling their unique circumstance.

Leaning through Play – Why Play?

Gary L. Landreth explains “Toys are children’s words and play is their language”. At BAP, we strongly believe in the therapeutic powers of play. Play is the universal language of children and something naturally sought out by people of all ages.

Play is a fun and natural way to teach children much needed skills to thrive in life. Additionally, teaching parents how to play with their child to connect with their child and learn fun ways to help their child navigate the challenges of life. When paired with parent training and behavioral management strategies, play is a powerful tool to help bring back stability and clarity to life at home.

Behavior Consultant in Calgary

Are you looking for a Behavior Consultant (Behavior Specialist) in Calgary? Contact me at [email protected]

A special connection focused on individual needs.

Abigail worked directly with my son for half a year before education and therapy were forced online. I was amazed by the changes I was seeing in such a short time. His speech progressed and his behavioral outbursts were less often. She gave me tools and resources to continue strategies at home and went above… Read more “A special connection focused on individual needs.”

Corrine R. (parent)

Learned to cope with challenges as a parent

We have nothing but praise for Abi. She was always dedicated and patient when caring for our son. We felt like she treated him as family, with genuine concern for his well-being. She was a huge help to us, we learned a lot from her on how to cope and deal with a lot of… Read more “Learned to cope with challenges as a parent”

Jocelyn T. (parent)

A style that is beyond textbook knowledge

If you are in need of a great therapist, Abigail is it… and I am here to testify that it’s close to impossible to find better. My son was granted a classroom 4:1. He would be defiant, spit, bite, spin, stim, destroy everything around him, and know no personal space. Abigail had a vision and… Read more “A style that is beyond textbook knowledge”

Tammy T. (parent)

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